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Es Arenals Migjorn Formentera

Es Arenals

Es Arenals beach is the busiest stretch in Migjorn.
Its wide sandy beach and turquoise sea make it one of the most beautiful beaches in Formentera.
Although it is usually a calm area for swimming, it is important to be cautious of the currents.

  • Spacious sandy beach in Migjorn
  • Ideal with east or north wind
  • Impressively turquoise waters
  • Beware of currents
  • Beach kiosks and restaurants
  • Lifeguard tower
Playa Arenals Formentera
Es Arenals Migjorn Formentera

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Everything you need to know about Es Arenals

Arenals beach stands out as the busiest in the Migjorn area. It is the only stretch of beach on the south coast that has lifeguards throughout the summer, ensuring the safety of swimmers. In addition, the beach offers a wide variety of dining options, with several restaurants and beach kiosks scattered throughout the area.
It is particularly known for its family-friendly atmosphere and has plenty of concessions for renting beach beds and umbrellas.

There are several parking areas along Es Arenals, making access easy and allowing you to enjoy the beach without worries.


Please note…..

This stretch of Migjorn beach gets its name from the wide sandy area that forms it, which is an extension of the dunes located behind it.
Due to the terrain’s topography, it is the widest beach in this part of Formentera and also the most visited in Migjorn.
It is easily accessible as the main road leading to the central part of Arenals is paved all the way to the largest parking area in the area.

It is important to pay attention to the lifeguards’ instructions because, despite the idyllic image of the beach, there can be days with strong currents in the area.

If you're planning to visit Formentera, make sure to check out our discounts and promo codes section beforehand

How to get to Es Arenals

To reach Es Arenals beach by car, motorcycle, or bicycle from La Savina, you need to take the main road (PM-820) and pass the two roundabouts at the entrance of the town of Sant Francesc. Continue towards Sant Ferran by crossing the town. From there, continue driving without deviating from the main road heading north for approximately 5 km, until you almost reach a paved right turn with a sign indicating Es Arenals beach.

From there, simply continue on the paved section following the signs until you reach the main parking area where you can leave your car, motorcycle, or bicycle.

If you prefer public transportation, you have the option to take bus line 2, which goes from La Savina and Sant Francesc to Es Caló de Sant Agustí with a prior stop at the mentioned junction. However, from there, you will have to walk approximately 1.5 kilometers before reaching Es Arenals beach.

Parking at Arenals beach

As mentioned earlier, Arenals beach has the highest influx of visitors among all the beaches in the Migjorn area of Formentera.

Fortunately, parking areas are relatively abundant and free of charge. However, arriving late to Arenals beach may still pose some difficulty in finding parking for your car or motorcycle. The area has three parking zones, with the largest one located at the end of the paved street that leads directly to the beach, at the feet of the two hotels in the area and several of the restaurants you’ll find in Arenals.

If you arrive at Arenals and find this parking area full, you can find another parking option on a road perpendicular to the main street that runs parallel to the beach.

Always park with consideration for other vehicles and residents in the area, avoiding blocking passages and allowing access to homes and businesses.

Dining at Arenals Beach

This stretch of Migjorn offers several restaurants, as well as two beach kiosks, ensuring dining options when you decide to spend the day at Es Arenals beach.

You can choose from specialties such as rice dishes, fish, meat, and pasta at the restaurants located directly on the beach. Alternatively, you can enjoy tapas, salads, and cold dishes at the beach bars located at both ends of Arenals.

Special mention goes to the sunsets at this Migjorn beach, where evening after evening, hundreds of people gather to enjoy the sunset and have a drink or cocktail before heading to one of the restaurants scattered throughout the island.

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When to choose Arenals beach

Like any other stretch of the Migjorn coast, Arenals beach showcases its best features with any wind direction except for the south wind, which causes large waves and usually results in the placement of a red flag by the lifeguards, indicating swimming prohibition.

With any other wind direction, Es Arenals is a beautiful beach with turquoise waters. Due to the gradual depth of the sea, it offers impressive colors with a range of blues that can only be compared to Ses Illetes beach.

When the wind blows from the east or north, Arenals beach in Migjorn experiences a “land to sea” wind, transforming into a dreamy beach. It becomes a perfect option for spending another day at the beach during your vacation in Formentera.

In any case, it is important to be cautious when swimming and always stay within the limits of the yellow buoys, which keep yachts away from swimmers, ensuring the safety of both.

Services at the beach

Arenals beach offers several concessions for beach chairs and umbrellas, as well as restaurants, bars, and beach kiosks. At Es Arenals, you will have everything you need for an excellent and complete day at the beach in Formentera.

However, what is truly important is that Es Arenals has the only lifeguard station along the 8 kilometers of the Migjorn coast. Due to its location and topography, this beach allows for the placement of a lifeguard hut, observation tower, and channels for water rescue jet skis.

Given the characteristics of the beach, although most of the summer does not give that impression, Es Arenals is an area with strong currents, and the presence of lifeguards is almost indispensable to prevent accidents among swimmers.

playa arenals formentera torre socorristas

That is why the professional lifeguards hired by the Consell Insular de Formentera regularly patrol the shoreline of the beach in case their intervention is needed, whether in the water or on the beach itself. In the presence of jellyfish, a flag is raised to warn bathers of the risk of being stung by these beautiful yet bothersome marine creatures.

Do not hesitate to approach the lifeguard station if you need relief from a jellyfish sting. The lifeguards at Es Arenals beach are not only there to rescue people from possible drowning incidents but also to provide first aid to those in need.

Beach Volley at Arenals beach

At the northern end of Arenals beach in Formentera, it is common to find a Beach Volleyball court that is set up occasionally. This court becomes a meeting point for those who want to engage in sports and have fun on the sand, just a short distance from the spectacular sea of this Formentera beach.

The Beach Volleyball court is temporarily installed and usually attracts people of all ages and abilities. Teams are formed with beach visitors, creating a lively and participatory atmosphere. It is a great opportunity to enjoy the sun, sand, and sea while playing a team sport.

Whether you are an experienced player or just looking for some fun and exercise, joining a game of Beach Volleyball on Migjorn beach is an excellent choice. The combination of the beautiful natural surroundings and the sportsmanship of the participants makes this activity an unforgettable experience.

gente en playa de arenals en Formentera jugando a beach volley

So, if you find yourself on Migjorn beach, don’t hesitate to join an exciting game of Beach Volleyball on the improvised court. Enjoy sports, the beach, and the sea in Formentera!

If you're planning to visit Formentera, make sure to check out our discounts and promo codes section beforehand