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Es Pou des Verro

It’s not a beach; Es Pou des Verro is a group of fishermen’s huts, not far from Es Caló.
An ideal place to take a dip among the rocks and go snorkeling.
You can use the shades meant for boats, always being respectful of the space and the vessels.
It’s advisable to wear water shoes.

  • Group of fishermen’s huts
  • Rocky area
  • Ideal for snorkeling
  • Near Es Caló
  • No beach services
  • No lifeguards
Pou des Verro, Formentera
Pou des Verro Formentera

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Everything you need to know about Es Pou des Verro

To begin with, it’s not a beach, but rather a coastal area where local fishermen traditionally built the traditional huts to protect their boats. You should be aware that these wooden structures are considered BIC, Cultural Heritage of Special Interest, and are protected by the Consell Insular de Formentera.

In Es Pou des Verro, you can enjoy a wilder environment than any other beach along the rest of Formentera’s coast. You’ll need to lie down on the rocks as there are hardly any sandy areas nearby. You can enjoy the shade provided by the fishermen’s huts while being fully respectful of the environment and the boats they protect.

Pou des Verro Formentera

We recommend bringing snorkeling goggles to enjoy the underwater scenery and water shoes for better comfort and safety while moving on the rocks along this stretch of Formentera’s coast known as Es Pou des Verro.


Keep in mind…

Although it may be somewhat challenging to explain due to the proximity to the sea, there is a freshwater well in the area that was used many years ago to provide water to the local livestock.
It is said that for a period, a large male pig, a boar, was always around the area, and that’s where this fishing enclave on Formentera’s coast got its name.
“Pou” means well in Catalan, and “Verro” is the name for a boar in Formentera: Es Pou des Verro, Boar´s Well.

If you're planning to visit Formentera, make sure to check out our discounts and promo codes section beforehand

How to get to Pou des Verro

From La Savina, drive along the main road (PM-820) towards La Mola until you pass the village of Es Caló de Sant Agustí. Continue driving on the main road, and at the next right turn, right next to the entrance of Hotel Entre Pinos, you will find a dirt road.

Take that road and drive about 30 meters until you reach a fork on the left that leads you to the seashore. As you approach the end of the road, you’ll notice you can veer left. Continue in that direction, driving with extra caution as the road is narrow and has several potholes.

After 150 meters, you’ll see the group of fishermen’s huts that make up this fishing enclave on this part of Formentera’s coast known as Es Pou des Verro. You have arrived at your destination. Park wherever possible without obstructing the passage for other visitors in the area or the owners of the boats to access them.


Although it is not usually an area with parking problems, as it is far from the usual route of Formentera’s visitors, we want to insist once again on the need to be respectful to other people who intend to visit the area of Es Pou des Verro and to park without hindering the traffic or the departure of other vehicles.

The access road to the area ends in a larger space, with soil and rocks, where it will not be difficult to find a spot to park our car or motorcycle while we enjoy the rocky bottom waters of this area near Es Caló de Sant Agustí.

If possible, try to avoid parking your car or motorcycle on the vegetation in the area, as it is not protected and already faces enough challenges to survive being so close to the sea and, therefore, so saline. Although this comment may seem trivial, the ecosystem is a whole, and by protecting the plants, we also protect the lizards that seek shelter under them, the mammals of the area, and the birds that coexist in one way or another with these plants or bushes. Let’s be respectful; it will benefit all of us.

Eating at Pou des Verro

This area of Formentera’s coast doesn’t have any services, such as bars, restaurants, or supermarkets. However, it’s true that just 400 meters away, you’ll find the village of Es Caló, where you can buy anything you might have forgotten before spending a day by the sea and rocks at Es Pou des Verro.

But remember, any trash you generate, don’t leave it lying around. Take it with you until you find the nearest trash container. Thank you.

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Snorkeling at Pou des Verro

For snorkeling enthusiasts, Es Pou des Verro is a must-visit place during your vacation in Formentera. With easy access to the sea and a wide variety of fish and crustaceans in the area, snorkeling in this spot will delight both adults and children.

The shoreline is rocky, but if you venture a few meters in, you’ll notice sandy areas with Posidonia plants on the seafloor. This combination creates the perfect environment for a greater variety of fish species due to the diverse habitats suitable for different marine species.

Sea urchins, octopuses, crabs, and a wide range of crustaceans, along with fish of different shapes and colors, make Es Pou des Verro an excellent and straightforward spot for this sport.

We recommend that anyone reading this information wears water shoes to move around without fear of stepping on rocks or even when snorkeling over the rocky bottom or deciding to climb the islet located less than 50 meters from the shore of Es Pou des Verro.

Es Pou des Verro: Surroundings

Along the coast, heading towards the cliffs of La Mola, you’ll discover various rocky spaces that, in some cases, the recent storms have filled with sand, creating tiny coves where only two people can squeeze in.

These private little beaches, so to speak, offer the perfect setting to enjoy maximum tranquility and crystal-clear waters, away from the more crowded and famous beaches of Formentera.

If you’re looking for a unique day of sea and beach, explore the surroundings of Es Pou des Verro; you’ll undoubtedly find more than one hidden gem that will capture your heart… but let’s keep it a secret, resist the urge to post the location on Instagram.

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If you're planning to visit Formentera, make sure to check out our discounts and promo codes section beforehand