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Playa Ses Canyes Formentera

Ses Canyes

Located between the southeastern boundary of the Natural Park and the northern part of Es Pujols, Ses Canyes Beach is one of the most unspoiled on the island.
With only a small concession of sunbeds and umbrellas in the southern area, it is highly frequented by people who practice nudism.

  • An almost untouched beach
  • Surrounded by sand dunes
  • Ideal when the wind blows from the south
  • Located a short distance from Es Pujols
  • Captivating at first sight
  • A very peaceful beach
Playa Ses Canyes, Formentera
Playa Ses Canyes Formentera

Everything you need to know about Ses Canyes

Ses Canyes Beach, located in Formentera, is a hidden gem near the town of Es Pujols. With 500 meters of sand and rocks, dunes, and a forest of pine and juniper trees, it offers a magical environment with turquoise waters. It is highly recommended to visit on days when the wind blows from the south or west.

The beach has two free parking areas and is popular among nudists. In Ses Canyes Beach, you will find a small concession of sunbeds and umbrellas in the southern part, and it’s worth mentioning that this beach is teeming with fish along its shore.

Ses Canyes is an ideal beach for nature lovers, nudists, and those seeking tranquility.


Please note…..

Ses Canyes Beach does not have any beach bars or restaurants, so you will need to bring your own drinks and food for the duration of your visit. It’s important to note that, like many other beaches in Formentera, nudism is a common practice at Ses Canyes, with people of all ages and nationalities participating. Therefore, it is essential to respect each individual’s choice of whether to bathe nude or not.

This beach has a tranquil atmosphere, so it is important not to play music at a volume that may disturb your fellow beachgoers. No one should have to choose between listening to your music and enjoying the sound of the sea. It’s a matter of respecting the people you share the space with.

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How to get to Ses Canyes

To reach Ses Canyes Beach from La Savina, you need to take the main road (PM-820) and then take the left turn indicating the direction of Es Pujols. Continue on this road for approximately 4 kilometers until, before reaching the roundabout, you find a dirt road on the left that will take you to the sea, passing right in front of the entrance of Sa Pedrera Suites&Spa.

Follow that dirt road, and before reaching the sea, you will see a sign on the left indicating the correct direction to the parking lot of Ses Canyes Beach. Once parked, you can access the beach via an elevated wooden walkway, which will give you a first glimpse of the breathtaking blue waters that enchant anyone.

If you are in Es Pujols, you can head towards the northern end of the beach and walk along the wooden walkways that line the coast. There is no chance of getting lost, as these walkways will lead you directly to Ses Canyes Beach. This walk is truly beautiful and will allow you to reach an amazing beach.

Parking at Ses Canyes

Despite being within the influence zone of the Ses Salines Natural Park, Ses Canyes Beach does not have vehicle access control, which means that the two parking areas for cars, motorcycles, and bicycles are free of charge.

It is important to mention the common sense of visitors and ask those reading this entry on the website to always park in a way that facilitates the subsequent departure of other vehicles already parked. Show empathy towards those who arrived before you and wouldn’t appreciate being blocked by your poor parking, preventing them from leaving when they wanted to.

That being said, it’s worth noting that Ses Canyes Beach has ample parking at the southern end of the beach, as well as another parking area at the northern part, closer to Sa Roqueta.

Choose the parking area that suits you best, or head to the other one if you find the first one full when you arrive with your car or motorcycle.

Nudist Beaches in Formentera

In Formentera, there is no specific beach designated as nudist, but there is also no beach where nudism is prohibited. The island is known for promoting freedom and respect for individual choices.

It is essential to be respectful towards those who choose to practice nudism, just as they will be respectful towards you if you prefer to wear a swimsuit on the beach. Diversity and tolerance are fundamental values in this environment.

If you have never tried nudism, we encourage you to give yourself the opportunity to enjoy the sea, sun, and nature in its purest form. Ses Canyes Beach offers a paradisiacal setting to experience a sense of absolute freedom.
Immersing yourself in the crystal-clear water and feeling the unrestricted breeze on your skin can be a liberating and enriching experience.

If you're planning to visit Formentera, make sure to check out our discounts and promo codes section beforehand


Currently, Ses Canyes Beach only has a small concession of 60 sun loungers and 30 umbrellas located at the southern end, near the wooden walkway that provides access to the beach. It is true that until recently, Ses Canyes Beach did not have any concessions of any kind, and its appearance as a “wild beach” is not as pronounced as before.

Nevertheless, considering its almost 500 meters of sandy shoreline, it cannot be said that Ses Canyes Beach is overexploited by any means.

Since there are no lifeguards stationed at this beach on the northeast coast of Formentera, the responsibility for water safety should lie with the concessionaire of the sun loungers. However, it is worth noting that the attendant is not present throughout the day but comes and goes. Therefore, it is important to be attentive and responsible when swimming at Ses Canyes Beach to ensure you don’t require assistance from a lifeguard.

In the worst-case scenario, if someone needs help, do not hesitate to call 112, and the lifeguards stationed at Es Pujols Beach would be the first to arrive.

Fishes in Ses Canyes Beach

The beach of Ses Canyes is renowned for the astonishing amount of fish found in the area near its shore. With a combination of sandy areas, rocky formations, and seagrass meadows, this beach becomes a true paradise for snorkel enthusiasts.

If you visit Ses Canyes, we recommend bringing snorkeling gear – goggles and a snorkel. As you submerge yourself in the crystal-clear waters and explore the different areas of the beach, you will witness a captivating underwater spectacle. Schools of fish from various species will swim around you, creating a visually stunning experience. Just imagine the added delight of offering them small pieces of bread…

Playa Ses Canyes Formentera

Furthermore, if you have the opportunity to bring a GoPro or another waterproof camera with you, you will have the chance to capture unforgettable moments. The images and videos you capture of the marine life in Ses Canyes will be true treasures that you can share with your Instagram followers, eliciting their complete admiration.

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