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Ses Illetes - Illetes - Playa - Formentera


Undoubtedly the most renowned and admired beach in Formentera.
Crystal-clear waters, white sand, and captivating shades of blue make this beach the most visited on the island.
As part of the Ses Salines Natural Park of Ibiza and Formentera, vehicle access is regulated during the summer months.

  • The most famous beach
  • Incredibly turquoise waters
  • Restricted vehicle access
  • Within the Natural Park
  • Love at first sight
  • Miles of white sand
Playa de Ses Illetes, Formentera
Ses Illetes - Illetes - Playa - Formentera

If you're planning to visit Formentera, make sure to check out our discounts and promo codes section beforehand

Everything you need to know about Illetes

The Ses Salines Natural Park is home to the Illetes Beach, located on the Es Trucadors peninsula in the northernmost part of Formentera, facing west. The beach stretches over 600 meters and is divided into two sections by a small rocky area in the middle.
The most outstanding feature of Illetes is its calm, shallow, and turquoise waters, which, combined with the white and fine sand, create a paradise-like landscape.
Moreover, being a natural park, the surroundings are well-maintained, with protected dune areas, wooden walkways for beach access, and designated parking areas to preserve the terrain and flora.
This beach is also ideal for children due to its safety and the available visitor services.

Illetes Ses illetes Formentera beach

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Beach and islets of Illetes

Illetes means “islets” in Catalan, the local language of Formentera. You will notice that there is a group of small islands located along this stretch of beach. Some can be reached by swimming, and in some cases, even walking through the water. These islets are known by the names of Illa de Tramuntana, Illa des Forn, Escull des Pou, Illa Redona, and Escull d’en Palla.
The presence of these nearby islets adds to the unique charm of this beach.

When you arrive at Ses Illetes beach, you will feel like you have stepped out of the Mediterranean and into a tropical paradise. It’s no wonder that this beach has been voted as the number one in Europe and ranked sixth on the list of the most beautiful beaches in the world.
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Access to Illetes Beach

Illetes is only 5 km away from the port of La Savina, and you can easily reach it by bicycle, bus, taxi, scooter, or car.

There is a fee to access Illetes, Levante, and Cavall den Borràs beaches by car or motorcycle in the Ses Salines Natural Park. The number of vehicles allowed is limited, and once all parking spaces are full, no more cars or motorcycles are allowed to enter. It’s best to arrive early to avoid being turned away.
Quads are never allowed in the Ses Salines Natural Park area, so keep this in mind when renting a vehicle during your vacation in Formentera.
Access on foot or by bicycle is always permitted and free of charge.

Please note…

As you move northwards, Illetes becomes less crowded, especially after the prominent rocky formation known as Es Penyal den Adolf, where from the top you’ll have a beautiful panoramic view of Illetes Beach on the left and Levante Beach on the right.

In the section of Illetes Beach, it’s common to find people practicing nudism, and it is the most natural area of Illetes without beach chair or hammock rentals.
Walking approximately one kilometer to the tip of this peninsula called Es Pas des Trucadors, you can catch a glimpse of the neighboring island of Espalmador. While it may seem close and easy to reach, do not attempt to swim or walk towards it, even if others are doing so. The currents in this stretch of the coast can be strong and very dangerous.

If you're planning to visit Formentera, make sure to check out our discounts and promo codes section beforehand

Restaurants in Illetes

There are numerous beachfront restaurants along Illetes that serve delicious food, especially fish dishes and rice prepared in different styles. It’s worth noting that all these restaurants are quite expensive.

Each of these restaurants offers fantastic fresh fish dishes, and the ambiance is amazing. However, if your budget doesn’t allow for pricey meals, even for a special occasion, it might be best to avoid dining at them. Nonetheless, it’s recommended to check the price list displayed at the entrance of each restaurant before deciding to take a seat.

To avoid the need to eat at one of these restaurants if it doesn’t fit your budget and to avoid being caught off guard, make sure to stock up on food and drinks at one of the supermarkets in La Savina before heading to Illetes Beach. These supermarkets offer more affordable options than the beachside restaurants, and since there are no kiosks in Illetes selling food and drinks at reasonable prices, it’s advisable to come prepared.

Illetes attracts all kinds of people, including tourists and the rich and famous who moor their yachts in the area. However, those of us from Formentera tend to avoid the beach during the peak season due to the large crowds. Illetes is beautiful, but during the high season, there are much quieter beaches in Formentera.

All the restaurants in Illetes offer yacht service, delivering their delicious food or picking up wealthy clients with their Zodiac boats to bring them ashore.

Illetes and the endemic lizards of Formentera

One of the most beautiful sights at Illetes beach, and many other areas of Formentera, are the native lizards, Podarcis pityusensis.
You can see them basking in the sun or darting between the dunes and the beach towels of sunbathers.
The vibrant colors of these lovely lizards and their graceful movements add to the natural beauty of the beach.

These endemic lizards are a protected species, so it’s important not to disturb them. However, they are likely to approach you and your belongings in search of a little bit of food or a sip of fresh water. They are a fascinating feature of Illetes beach, and it’s a pleasure to observe them.

Illetes Beach: Lifeguards

This beautiful beach has professional and trained lifeguards to ensure the safety of all visitors to Illetes. They patrol the beach or monitor it from the lifeguard tower and are available to assist with any emergencies or safety issues. Make sure to follow their instructions and advice, and never swim when it’s not allowed.
The lifeguards are there, along with many other beaches in Formentera, to keep you safe, so be sure to listen to them and follow their directions when necessary.
Especially respect the area marked by buoys, as it is the designated swimming area, and on the contrary, any type of watercraft navigation is prohibited.

You will notice that there are several access channels on Illetes beach that are used by small inflatable boats to reach the shore from yachts or by the beachside restaurants to deliver pre-ordered food.
The boat traffic can be high, with boats coming in and out of the beach, so it’s also important not to swim in the access channels perpendicular to the shore, which are marked by lines of small buoys similar to the ones commonly used in pools to delimit swimming lanes.

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Posidonia oceánica

Posidonia seagrass, also known as Posidonia oceanica, is a protected marine grass that forms an important part of the ecosystem in Illetes and many other beaches in Formentera. As you walk along the shore, you may notice the presence of dried Posidonia leaves. While they may not be as visually appealing as other beach features, they serve as a reminder of the delicate balance of nature and the need for conservation.

These dried Posidonia remains on the shore, especially during winter, play a crucial role in conserving the beach sand. Moreover, the photosynthesis generated by this underwater plant is primarily responsible for the transparency and clarity of the surrounding waters in Formentera. Posidonia seagrass provides habitat and food for many marine species, contributing to the overall health of the marine environment.


Illetes and its pink sand

In addition to the Posidonia seagrass, Illetes is also known for its unique pink sand. This pink hue is the result of crushed coral fragments that gradually decompose over time and mix with the shoreline sand. The reddish coral remnants blend with the sand, creating a beautiful pink tone.
It’s a rare and stunning sight, and the pink sand offers a striking contrast against the turquoise waters of Illetes.

Now you know the natural origin of the distinctive color of the sand in Illetes beach.

Illetes Ses illetes Formentera beach

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Horseback riding in Illetes

One of the most magical experiences on Illetes Beach is horseback riding in the early morning with Rutas Es Boixets. The gentle splash of the waves and the soft sand beneath the hooves create a serene and calm atmosphere. Vicent, the owner of the only equestrian center that offers horseback rides on the beach, will guide you through this unique and beautiful way of experiencing Illetes and its natural surroundings as the sun rises over the horizon. You’ll ride until reaching the shallowest area of Illetes, where you can enter the pristine, transparent waters with the horses.


The Kite Surfing Paradise… except summer season.

Kiteboarding is a very popular activity on Illetes Beach for both locals and visitors from Ibiza, but it is only allowed during the off-peak season when summer ends. The strong winds and choppy or flat waters, depending on the wind direction, during spring, autumn, and winter provide ideal conditions for kiteboarding in this turquoise paradise.
It’s a thrilling and exciting sport to witness, so if you visit Formentera during the low season, make sure to keep an eye out for kiteboarders or even consider taking an introductory course yourself.

Illetes Ses illetes Formentera beach
Ses Illetes - Illetes - Playa - Formentera

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