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Ses Platgetes

Its real name is Ses Platgetes, although it is also known as Es Caló Beach due to its proximity to the fishing village. It consists of three small bays that feature a combination of sand and rocks both on the shore and in the sea.

Despite its proximity, the dunes isolate the beach from the noise of the main road traffic.

  • Just a short distance from Es Caló
  • It combines sand and rocks
  • Dune system, Ideal for snorkeling
  • Ideal with a south wind
  • Bars and restaurants within walking distance
Ses Platgetes, la playa de Es caló, Formentera

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Everything you need to know about Ses Platgetes

Ses Platgetes, located in Formentera, is a beautiful beach also known as “Es Caló Beach,” next to the charming village of Es Caló de Sant Agustí. Although it lacks any beach services, you can find everything you need very close by in Es Caló. There are bars, restaurants, and supermarkets. This beach combines areas of sand and rocks, making it perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

Please note that Ses Platgetes does not have lifeguards, so it’s important to keep this in mind in case of any emergencies. We recommend visiting this beach when the wind blows from the south or west direction.

Ses Platgetes - Playa Es Caló - Formentera

Please note…..

The name “Ses Platgetes” comes from Catalan, meaning “The Little Beaches,” because in reality, it consists of three small beaches that resemble bays. These beaches, one after another, have given the name to this area of the Formentera coast known as Es Carnatge.

Although the beach area is mostly covered in sand, accessing the sea can be a bit rocky at times. It’s a good idea to have some water shoes on hand to navigate these rocks without fear of getting hurt. Once you overcome this rocky access, you will typically find abundant sand on the seabed, creating that image of crystal-clear water that we so much enjoy on our beach days in Formentera.

If you're planning to visit Formentera, make sure to check out our discounts and promo codes section beforehand

How to get to Ses Platgetes

To get to Ses Platgetes beach by car, motorcycle, or bicycle from La Savina, you need to take the main road (PM-820), pass by but not enter the village of Sant Francesc, and continue towards Sant Ferran, crossing the village.

From there, continue driving without deviating from the main road in a northward direction for approximately 5.6 km, until you’re almost reaching the village of Es Caló de Sant Agustí.

Once you’re at that point on the road and in the remaining stretch towards the village, you will find several access points to the beach. These access points are marked by wooden posts and ropes, respecting the dune area, which will guide you to the shore of Ses Platgetes beach in Formentera.

If you prefer public transportation, you have the option of taking bus line 5 from La Savina and Sant Francesc, which heads towards Es Caló de Sant Agustí with a stop prior to the village, right in front of one of the access points to Ses Platgetes beach.

Parking at Ses Platgetes

Undoubtedly, one of the most significant issues when deciding to spend the day at Ses Platgetes beach is the limited parking space for motorcycles and cars in the area. This is especially true considering that most parking areas are located in the village of Es Caló, which attracts many visitors due to its beauty.

We want to highlight something that should be avoided at all costs, especially for those who rent a car. Do not park in a way that invades the bike lane on the side of the road. This is because you are likely to return to find a fine or, even worse, the vehicle being towed. Secondly, and even more importantly, if you park on any surrounding paths, make sure you do not block the entrance or exit for people accessing their homes through that path. Few things are more unpleasant for the local residents than having people day after day who, in their eagerness to reach a particular beach, disregard basic rules of coexistence.

Park where it is permitted and where you do not cause inconvenience. If you cannot find a space, choose another beach among the many that the island offers. You can return to Ses Platgetes at another time.

Eating at Ses Platgetes

As we mentioned earlier, Ses Platgetes does not have any beach services, kiosks, or restaurants. However, just a short distance away, in the village of Es Caló de Sant Agustí, you can choose from some of the best restaurants on the island. One of the highlights is Can Rafalet, which boasts the most spectacular terrace in Formentera, where you can enjoy a “Pa amb Coses” among many other options.

In Es Caló village, you will also find two supermarkets where you can buy fresh fruit, beverages, and sandwiches to survive another challenging day of salt, sun, and beach in Formentera.

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When to choose Ses Platgetes Beach

The ideal conditions to visit Ses Platgetes are when the wind blows from the south or west direction. This will make the sea calm and waveless, providing a much more enjoyable swimming experience compared to when the wind blows in the opposite direction. In such cases, waves can be present, and accessing the sea becomes more challenging due to the rocks we mentioned earlier.

In other words, when the Migjorn area has waves that prevent swimming and the red flag is raised, everyone decides to go to the opposite side of the island. As a result, the number of vehicles multiplies, and conflicts can arise between rental vehicles and local residents.

Therefore, if Ses Platgetes Beach happens to be too crowded, our recommendation is to drive towards the beaches in the Levante area, such as Llevant or Ses Canyes, both just a 15-minute drive in the direction of Es Pujols.

Snorkeling in Ses Platgetes

If there’s a beach that perfectly combines the comfort of lying on the sand with the opportunity to enjoy marine life through snorkeling with just a simple mask and a tube, it’s Ses Platgetes, the beach of Es Caló.

Especially in the central area of the beach and the one closest to the village, the rocks create a submerged plateau that allows you to walk on it until you reach what we could describe as a “balcony.” Here, the depth increases significantly, forming a vertical wall teeming with marine life in every nook and cranny, offering a habitat for various marine species such as octopuses, crabs, and the occasional starfish. Moreover, there is an abundance of fish in the areas where sand and rocks combine, as seen in both Ses Platgetes beach and Es Caló beach.


So, if you’re a snorkeling enthusiast, you must visit Ses Platgetes beach at least once, where you’ll fully enjoy crystal-clear waters and abundant marine life. On that day, if you have them, bring along some water shoes that will greatly facilitate accessing the areas we mentioned.
With these shoes, you won’t have to worry about stepping on any of the rocks in the access area to the sea and getting pricked.

If you're planning to visit Formentera, make sure to check out our discounts and promo codes section beforehand