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Formentera How long and wide 

Formentera, a Mediterranean gem that is part of the Balearic Islands in Spain, is renowned for its white sandy beaches and turquoise waters, setting it apart from its sister islands. However, beyond its natural beauty, there’s an aspect that piques the curiosity of many: How large is the island of Formentera exactly?

In this article, we will guide you through the dimensions of this enchanting island, from its surface area to its maximum and minimum distances, exploring every corner of its geographical expanse to make clear how long and wide Formentera is.

Size of Formentera Island: Surface Area

Formentera Island sprawls across an expanse of 83.24 square kilometers, a geographical canvas that unveils the richness and diversity of its landscapes. Beyond the turquoise beaches and sun-kissed shores that define it, Formentera holds an additional treasure in the form of cultivated fields that narrate stories of tradition and sustainability.

As you explore this Mediterranean island, you’ll delve into a mosaic of fields that encapsulate centuries of agricultural history. Nestled amidst stone walls, these cultivated plots add depth to our perception of Formentera. Here, century-old fig trees stand as a silent testament to the enduring connection between the land and its inhabitants over time. Their branches laden with sweet fruits and supported by traditional “estalons” serve as a constant reminder of the perseverance and respect for the land that characterize the island and its people.

But fig trees aren’t the only green treasures you’ll discover in Formentera. The wheat fields, with their stalks swaying in the sea breeze, unveil the crops’ adaptation to a unique environment. Wheat, a symbol of the relationship between humankind and nature, showcases how the island has ingeniously harnessed its limited resources to nourish its inhabitants in the era before tourism’s arrival.

And the story doesn’t stop there. Formentera is also renowned for its vineyards that stretch towards the horizon. The carefully nurtured and tended vines serve as a window into the island’s winemaking industry. With its distinct soil and sunny climate, Formentera provides an ideal setting for cultivating quality grapes, which are then transformed into wines that capture the unique flavors of the Mediterranean land.

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Size of Formentera Island: Perimeter

If we were to trace a line around the contours of Formentera, its perimeter spans 72 kilometers. Imagine a scenic journey where you can embrace the coastline in all its splendor and capture the changing vistas that the island offers at every turn. Yet, this adventure following the perimeter goes beyond the coastline’s length, as Formentera conceals natural treasures that unfold along this route.

The white sandy beaches and turquoise waters serve as Formentera’s calling card. As you traverse the 72 kilometers of its perimeter, you encounter a succession of paradisiacal coves that seem to be plucked from a dream. The fine white sand, akin to stardust, magnificently contrasts with the inviting turquoise and crystal-clear waters that beckon you to take a refreshing plunge. Each beach is a palette of natural hues that shift as you progress, a testament to the whimsical artistry of nature.

But the spectacle doesn’t end at the edge of the beach. The cliffs that rise majestically along Formentera’s 72-kilometer perimeter offer a unique vantage point to behold the magical sunrises and sunsets. From these promontories, you can witness the sun ascend above the horizon or descend into the depths of the sea, painting the sky with fiery and golden hues. It’s a constant reminder of nature’s fleeting beauty and our privileged position to witness it when visiting Formentera.

And as you explore the most remote corners of the coastline, you’ll come across hidden coves with crystal-clear waters that provide shelter for the fishing boats of the island’s residents, immersing you in a world where time seems to stand still.

If you're planning to visit Formentera, make sure to check out our discounts and promo codes section beforehand

How long Formentera is: Distances

The island of Formentera boasts the most unique and distinctive shape among all the islands we are familiar with. As a result, the maximum and minimum distances will depend on where we take those references from. In this entry on our website, we will strive to clarify all the points and distances, both maximum and minimum, that you will encounter along Formentera’s coastline.

Below, we provide you with a detailed explanation of what we mean.

Illetes Ses illetes Formentera beach

Minimum Distance from East to West:
The narrowest point between the eastern and western shores of Formentera can be found in the area of Ses Salines Natural Park, where the distance between Illetes Beach and Levante Beach narrows to a mere 170 meters of sand. This creates a truly beautiful spot on the island, where you can enjoy the sea and the beach on both sides of Formentera.

Minimum Distance from North to South:
Even in its most compact form, Formentera holds secrets waiting to be unveiled. The minimum distance from North to South, between Es Caló de Sant Agustí and the serene Arenals Beach, is reduced to just 1.4 kilometers. This proximity reveals the blend of natural elements coexisting on a relatively small island, from tranquil coves to expansive sandy shores.

Maximum Distances from East to West and from North to South:
The island is not merely a point on the map; it possesses remarkable dimensions that grant it its unique character. The maximum distance from East to West, stretching from the picturesque Punta Gavina to the iconic Faro de la Mola, spans 18.5 kilometers. This transversal journey unveils the diverse facets of Formentera’s landscape, from cliffs to hidden beaches.

In the North to South direction, the island showcases even more diversity. From Es Pas des Trucadors in Illetes to the majestic Faro de Cap de Barbaría, the maximum distance measures 14.8 kilometers. Here, you can explore the transition from turquoise beaches to rugged and elevated terrains, relishing in a visual spectacle that evolves with every step.

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