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Sant Ferran de ses Roques

Sant Ferran de ses Roques, the second largest village in Formentera, is located in the center of the island.
It’s hard not to come across it, as the main road that takes you from one end of the island to the other crosses through it, effectively splitting it in two.

  • The second largest village
  • It is crossed by the road
  • Restaurants and bars
  • Musical atmosphere at night
  • Highly notable restaurants
  • Artisan market
Sant Ferran de Formentera
Sant Ferran Formentera

Everything you need to know about Sant Ferran

Situated in the heart of the island, Sant Ferran is the second largest village in Formentera. The island’s main road (PM-820) cuts through the village along Avenida Joan Castelló, making it practically impossible not to pass through Sant Ferran at some point during your vacation in Formentera.

Despite the recent opening of more hospitality businesses catering to tourism and the summer season, Sant Ferran and its bars and restaurants have always seemed more geared towards the local residents of Formentera than to visitors.

In May, the village celebrates its patron saint festivals, marking the beginning of the various celebrations that will traverse all the villages of the island throughout the summer.


Keep in mind…

The circulation of cars and motorcycles along the main street of Sant Ferran can be somewhat complicated at certain times of the day. Following the renovation carried out in 2015, Avenida Joan Castelló saw a reduction in the width of traffic lanes to expand pedestrian sidewalks, which often causes congestion in this section of the road that ultimately crosses the village of Sant Ferran. The Consell Insular of Formentera stated at the time that they aimed to decrease the speed of circulation within the village. Without a doubt, they achieved that goal.

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How to get to Sant Ferran

Reaching Sant Ferran, like the rest of the villages in Formentera, is very straightforward. It’s located just 3 kilometers from the capital, Sant Francesc, and 6 kilometers from the La Savina port to the south. You’ll always be driving along the main PM-820 road that runs from one end of the island to the other.

Conversely, if you’re in La Mola, Es Caló de Sant Agustí, or any of the beaches along Migjorn, you’ll need to take the same road but heading north.

Being situated at the geographical center of Formentera, passing through the village of Sant Ferran is practically unavoidable if you decide to explore and discover all the corners of Formentera.

The Formentera bus service connects Sant Ferran with different points on the island through its 4 lines that make stops in various areas of the village. It’s advisable to check the Busformentera.com website beforehand to verify schedules and frequencies.

Parking in Sant Ferran

The street that crosses Sant Ferran, called Av. Joan Castelló, as well as the other interior streets of the village, are regulated under the Blue Zone system, where parking is paid according to the duration of stay. In these areas, there are several reserved spaces where parking is free but limited to a maximum of 15 minutes. It’s essential to go to one of the ticket printing terminals, enter your license plate, and display the ticket visibly inside your car.

On the other hand, the village of Sant Ferran offers free parking in the stretch that connects the roundabout of the PM-820 road with the roundabout leading to Es Pujols, with an approximate capacity of 60 cars.

Furthermore, there are two free parking areas without any ground markings, as they consist of dirt and gravel surfaces. Therefore, choosing the right spot to park your car is crucial to avoid blocking other users. One of the parking areas is located in the southern part of the village, and the other is at the northern exit of Sant Ferran, heading towards La Mola.

If you're planning to visit Formentera, make sure to check out our discounts and promo codes section beforehand

Staying in Sant Ferran

While available, the tourist accommodation options in Sant Ferran are not overly abundant. You might come across a few guesthouses or hostels offering basic rooms and shared bathrooms, as well as some small groups of apartments. There is also a hostel on Avenida Joan Castelló, the main street of Sant Ferran.

However, it’s important to emphasize that offering tourist accommodation in residential buildings is not allowed according to the tourism regulations set by the Insular Council of Formentera. Vacation rentals in residential buildings are explicitly prohibited in all villages on the island that have a church, which means they are prohibited in the urban areas of Sant Francesc, La Mola, and Sant Ferran.

In the vicinity of Sant Ferran, you can find accommodation options in isolated houses. However, it’s crucial that these houses have the appropriate tourist license, which should be displayed on any website where they are advertised. Make sure of this if you’re planning to rent a house for your vacation in Formentera.


Eating in Sant Ferran

Like the rest of the businesses in the village of Sant Ferran, most of the bars and restaurants in the area are primarily oriented towards the local residents, but of course, they also welcome tourists.

In Sant Ferran, you’ll come across several bars and restaurants that offer lunch menus, as well as tapas and a dish of the day. These options can be a great choice for enjoying good food at a reasonable price if you decide to take a break from the beach during the midday hours.

With that said, we should also highlight that especially in the pedestrian zone and around the church square, you’ll find restaurants serving creative cuisine. Here, you can savor some of the best pizzas in Formentera, as well as establishments where traditional Formentera dishes form the foundation of their menus.

Furthermore, in Sant Ferran, you’ll encounter various establishments where you can grab takeaway food such as kebabs, hamburgers, and even sushi. All in all, the dining choices in Sant Ferran are numerous and diverse.

Sant Ferran formentera desayunos breakfast

A special mention goes to a series of establishments that have opened in recent years along Avenida Joan Castelló. Here, breakfasts are the standout feature of their menus, and customers often queue up to relish the delicious and healthy options that have earned them their fame.

Sant Ferran Formentera Mercado artesanal

Shopping in Sant Ferran

As we’ve mentioned before, since Sant Ferran is more focused on residents than visitors, the same applies to its commerce.

You’ll come across a few shops where you can find clothing, accessories, and decorative items. However, unlike Sant Francesc, Es Pujols, or La Savina, it doesn’t stand out for its numerous shops catering to Formentera’s visitors, which are both greater in number and more varied.

Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that every evening on the pedestrian streets leading to the church square, wooden stalls are set up where local artisans have the opportunity to showcase and sell their creations.

In this area of Sant Ferran, artisans coexist with the outdoor terraces of bars and restaurants, which, during the summer months, fill the pedestrian streets of the village with people strolling around and browsing through each of the craft stalls showcasing handmade items from Formentera.

Patron Saint Festivities in Sant Ferran

On May 30th, the feast of San Fernando, the patron saint of Sant Ferran, is celebrated. This event is a cause for celebration throughout the island as it somehow marks the beginning of the season of popular festivals and summer concerts in Formentera.

With a strong traditional character, the Sant Ferran festivities are also renowned for the concerts held in the church square. Each year, well-known national music groups and local DJs take the stage, offering several nights of festivity for both residents and visitors of Formentera during the week leading up to the main celebration date, San Fernando’s day.

The festival’s program is designed for people of all ages, ensuring that both young and old can enjoy some of the cultural offerings organized by the local residents’ association with the collaboration of the Insular Council of Formentera.

Sant Ferran Formentera Fiestas Patronales

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Cultural Activities in Sant Ferran 

Throughout the summer months, the Insular Council of Formentera organizes various cultural activities in the different villages of the island, and Sant Ferran is no exception. Typically, these events are scheduled in the late afternoon to avoid the hottest hours of the day and to be enjoyed by both residents and tourists.

The gathering point for these events is always the church square of Sant Ferran, which shares space with the legendary Fonda Pepe. This spacious pedestrian area frequently hosts concerts by local musicians. Additionally, you can enjoy “Cinema a la Fresca,” commonly known as “Outdoor Cinema,” on dates scheduled on the cultural agenda page of the Council’s website.

Sant Ferran Formentera Oferta Cultural

It’s worth noting that, setting aside what has been discussed so far, the village doesn’t particularly stand out for its programmed cultural events. Unlike Sant Francesc, it lacks an exhibition space or a permanent cultural hall.

Sant Ferran Formentera Guitars

Formentera Guitars

If you’re an enthusiast of electric guitars and basses, pay close attention to what we’re about to share.

In 1988, Ekkehard Hoffmann, also known as Ekki, decided to create a unique experience for lovers of these instruments, within the idyllic setting of Formentera island.

He established his own guitar and bass workshop and astutely conceived that there would be people interested in building their own instrument under the guidance of the master luthier during the 3-week course.

Since its inception, hundreds of guitars and basses have been crafted at the Formentera Guitars workshop, located on one of the streets in Sant Ferran. These instruments have found their way to exotic destinations such as Japan or Australia, carried by their proud owners.

If you're planning to visit Formentera, make sure to check out our discounts and promo codes section beforehand

History and Heritage

The village boasts only one significant heritage element, which is its church. Construction began in the mid-19th century and wasn’t completed until 1889, making it the most recent of the three churches found on the island of Formentera.

For more significant heritage elements, one must venture out of the urban center and head towards Punta Prima, about 3 kilometers away, where the defense tower of the same name stands.

In the vicinity of Sant Ferran, you can discover the old windmills that once provided flour for the population. The Molí den Teuet, situated in the southern part of the village, and the Molí de Ses Roques, in the eastern part of Sant Ferran, are among these historical structures.

Torre de Punta Prima Formentera

Services in Sant Ferran

Despite the fact that the headquarters of the Formentera Council (Consell de Formentera) is located in Sant Francesc, the village of Sant Ferran houses several offices of the island’s governing institution. It also hosts one of the four pharmacies, a veterinarian clinic, a private medical center, hair salons, health and beauty centers, in addition to the aforementioned bars, restaurants, and shops. Presently, there’s only one bank branch in the area.

The public transportation service links Sant Ferran with various villages on the island and its beaches, making it the urban nucleus with the highest bus frequency due to its central geographical position on Formentera. Furthermore, a permanent taxi stand can be found on the main street, Avenida Joan Castelló.


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