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Playa Vogamarí Formentera


A long and rarely visited stretch of coastline with ample sand located in the central part of the Migjorn area.
This beach takes its name from the restaurant you will find in the dune area, beyond the wooden boardwalk that borders the beach.

  • A secluded beach
  • Dune system
  • Narrow beach
  • Beware of currents
  • Loungers and umbrellas for rent
  • Wooden boardwalk leading to the beach
Playa Vogamarí, Formentera
Playa Vogamarí Formentera

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Everything you need to know about Es Vogamarí

Es Vogamarí Beach in Formentera is located in the central part of the Migjorn coast. It is relatively narrow in certain sections, where the dune at the back marks the boundary of the beach. A wooden boardwalk runs parallel to the sea along the coastline, offering multiple access points to the shore, allowing you to choose where to spend your day of sea, sand, sun, and salt on Es Vogamarí Beach during your vacation in Formentera.

The beach has a small concession for renting loungers and umbrellas, and they should also have a hired lifeguard to attend to any emergencies in the area. The only option for food and drinks in this section of Migjorn is the restaurant with the same name as the beach, located in the central part of this stretch of the Migjorn coast, situated on the dunes.


Take note…

The word “vogamarí” in Catalan can be translated as “sea urchin,” but the name of this beach doesn’t derive from the fact that there are many sea urchins. In fact, it’s the opposite. As it is a beach with ample sand, sea urchins cannot live in the area as they are animals that require a rocky environment. Therefore, the reason for the name of this section of Migjorn in Formentera, like in other cases, is due to the presence and name of the only restaurant in the area, Es Vogamarí.

If you're planning to visit Formentera, make sure to check out our discounts and promo codes section beforehand

How to get to Es Vogamarí

From La Savina, take the main road (PM-820) and continue straight at the two roundabouts at the entrance of the town of Sant Francesc. Continue towards Sant Ferran, now actually driving through the town, and keep going until you reach kilometer 9.5. There, on the right side of the road, you will see a sign announcing the restaurant located right on Es Vogamarí Beach.

Take that wide dirt road and simply stay on the main path without deviating until you reach the beach. It’s straightforward and easy to follow. Keep in mind that it’s a long, dusty road, and in many sections, it’s as wide as an asphalt road. However, that shouldn’t be a reason to drive faster.

Try to be considerate of the local residents and avoid kicking up too much dust with your car or motorcycle by driving too fast. Take it easy, you’re on vacation, and nobody will overtake you before reaching Es Vogamarí Beach.


Es Vogamarí Beach in Formentera has a parking area for cars, motorcycles, and bicycles with considerable dimensions. However, during the high season, it fills up almost daily, especially if the wind and sea conditions are favorable for choosing one of the many beaches in the Migjorn area of Formentera.

Even if you arrive early and have plenty of parking options, we recommend that you consider the other visitors to the beach or restaurant and make it easier for yourself to leave in case you decide to depart before others who have parked after you.

A suggestion would be to park, especially your car, with the front facing the exit. This will always facilitate your departure from the parking area.

If you ride and park a motorcycle, never block pedestrian access to the wooden boardwalk. Move your motorcycle a few meters away, park it beyond, and please do not behave in an uncivil manner in that regard.

Eating at Es Vogamarí

As mentioned earlier, this section of Migjorn Beach takes its name from the only restaurant in the area, which is why it becomes the only option for dining or having a drink if you decide to spend the entire day at Es Vogamarí Beach. There are no beach kiosks or supermarkets in this stretch of the coast, so these two options are ruled out.

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Services at Es Vogamarí Beach

The only service offered at Es Vogamarí Beach in the Migjorn coast of Formentera is a concession of 60 hammocks and 30 umbrellas located at one end of the beach. Like in other beaches on the island, the holder of this concession is also responsible for having a lifeguard certification and attending to any emergencies that may occur on the beach.

In any case, it is important to note that there are several signs on the edge of the dune at the back of the beach, displaying the emergency phone number, 112, along with a position number. This position number is crucial in case of a distress call, as it helps immediately locate the exact point on Es Vogamarí Beach and dispatch the necessary assistance, whether by land or sea, to rescue the person in need.

We hope you never require such assistance during your vacation in Formentera and that you can enjoy your sunny beach days calmly and worry-free, as we all desire.

When to choose Es Vogamarí

Just like the other beaches in the Migjorn area, Es Vogamarí presents itself as an excellent choice on days when the wind blows from the east and north. This ensures a land-to-sea breeze, resulting in calm waters and the full range of blues and turquoises that characterize Migjorn.

Furthermore, this stretch of coast is particularly spectacular due to the height of the dune, where the wooden boardwalk runs. It provides a perspective of Es Vogamarí Beach that we don’t have in other parts of the Migjorn coast, enhancing the enjoyment of that idyllic image with the stunning array of blue hues from the sea of Formentera.

Consider yourself warned – you’ll take hundreds of photos of Es Vogamarí Beach that you’ll surely want to share on Instagram with all your followers.


Similarly, the land-to-sea winds make it highly unlikely to encounter jellyfish, thus avoiding the sting of these beautiful yet unpleasant creatures that occasionally appear along our shores.

In case of a sting, here’s a practical recommendation. Always carry a small dispenser of ammonia with you to apply it to the affected area. You can find it at the pharmacy… It works for me.

Playa Vogamarí Formentera

If you're planning to visit Formentera, make sure to check out our discounts and promo codes section beforehand