Ferry Ibiza - Formentera

If you plan to get to Formentera from Ibiza, you will find several shipping companies that carry out the route.
We can only recommend the best of them all and we have no doubts about it: TRASMAPI

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How to get from Ibiza to Formentera?


1.- Ibiza Formentera Ferry

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3.- Discount Ibiza Formentera Ferry with Trasmapi

4.- Ibiza Formentera Ferry with your car

5.-Car and Scooter restricctions to access Formentera

6.- Discount Ibiza Formentera Ferry Tickets: Price

7.-How long does Ibiza Formentera Ferry Take?

Ferry Ibiza Formentera

The maritime route between the islands of Ibiza and Formentera is a true gem of the Mediterranean. With its crystal-clear waters and white sandy beaches, choosing either of these two islands is choosing paradise for those seeking relaxation and enjoyment of the sun and sea.

The most common route starts at the lively port of Ibiza, known primarily for its parties and vibrant nightlife, but also for its walled enclosure, Dalt Vila, its coves, and its inland villages. From early morning until late at night, there are almost continuous departures to Formentera from the port of Ibiza city.

An Ibiza-Formentera ferry will take you to the tranquility of the smallest island in the Pitiusas archipelago, Formentera, an island with wild beauty, a unique charm, and a sea color seen in few places on the planet.

The ferry journey between Ibiza and Formentera is relatively short, but it will allow you to enjoy spectacular views of the sea and the coasts of both islands, skirting the islets that lie along the route and sharing the navigation with yachts, motorboats, and sailboats that also make the journey daily during the summer months.

If you are planning a day trip to Formentera from Ibiza, it is important to purchase your tickets online to avoid unnecessary queues at the ticket offices of the maritime station that covers the Ibiza-Formentera ferry route. This way, you will get a better price, save time to spend as much time as possible in Formentera, and avoid the heat and unnecessary delays that may arise from buying tickets last minute.

Thanks to our collaboration agreement with Trasmapi, the shipping company that operates the Ibiza-Formentera route with its boats, we can offer you the discount code LIFE to use on the official website of the company and obtain the best price for traveling on the Ibiza-Formentera ferry or vice versa.

If you’re looking for a discount on the Ibiza Formentera ferry, you’re in the right place.

Click on the following logo and it will take you to the Trasmapi website with the discount code applied. You just need to select your dates and the number of passengers.

All tickets purchased with Trasmapi have the advantage of being OPEN, meaning they are valid for any of their boats, at any of their departure times, and they do not expire within a year!

If you happen to miss your intended ferry from Ibiza to Formentera, don’t worry. You can simply board the next available ferry operated by Trasmapi.

Once in Formentera, you’ll have the opportunity to explore its pristine beaches and hidden coves, where you can relax and enjoy the sun and sea in peace and tranquility.

One of the most popular beaches in Formentera is Ses Illetes, a paradise of white sand and crystal-clear waters that stretches for over a kilometer. Here, you can take a refreshing swim in the sea and lie on the sand to soak up the sun in a turquoise water paradise.

If you prefer a more exciting activity, Formentera also offers the opportunity to engage in water sports, such as diving. Its calm and clear waters make it an ideal location for such activities.

Illetes Ses illetes Formentera beach

However, the beauty of Formentera is not only found in its beaches but also in its small villages and wild nature.

A cycling, motorbike, or car route around the island will allow you to discover its charming fishing villages and unique natural landscapes.

In summary, the maritime route covered by the Ibiza-Formentera ferry is a unique experience that will allow you to enjoy the beauty and tranquility of the Mediterranean to reach the unspoiled beaches, crystal-clear waters, and unique charm that Formentera, the smallest of the Pitiusas islands, offers.

Discount Ibiza Formentera Ferry Tickets: Cheaper

If you’re looking to travel on the Ibiza-Formentera ferry at a cheap price, we have great news: you can save even more money by purchasing your tickets online and using the discount code LIFE when traveling with Trasmapi, the ferry company that we, Formentera residents, most commonly use and trust due to the safety of their boats and crews, as well as the ability to travel affordably on the Ibiza-Formentera ferry route.

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By purchasing your ferry tickets online, you not only save time and effort by avoiding queues at the ferry ticket counters, but you can also take advantage of exclusive online offers by Trasmapi.

And if you use the discount code LIFE when purchasing your tickets, you can enjoy even more savings on your ferry journey.

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Trasmapi Ferry Ibiza Formentera

In order for the discount code to be applied, you need to purchase the “Round Trip” option. However, don’t worry about the specific schedule or even the day you will be traveling, as the tickets will be valid for one year without any restrictions whatsoever.

Here you have the cheap Ibiza-Formentera ferry you were looking for. With Trasmapi and our discount code LIFE, your trip to Formentera will be as affordable as possible, while ensuring safety and comfort.

Discount Ferry Ibiza Formentera: Trasmapi


If you’re looking for a fast, safe, and affordable way to travel on the Ibiza-Formentera ferry, from this website, we highly recommend traveling with Trasmapi. Just like most residents of Formentera, who use this route frequently, we are well aware of the virtues and shortcomings of each ferry company.

As year-round residents of Formentera, we have firsthand knowledge of the pros and cons of each company that operates the Ibiza-Formentera ferry route. Our choice, like that of the majority of our neighbors, is the same: Trasmapi.

And what better option than to make your purchase online, taking advantage of the discount on the Ibiza Formentera ferry offered by the best ferry company in the islands.

Trasmapi is the leading ferry company on the Ibiza-Formentera route, offering services and flexibility that not all companies provide. But what truly sets Trasmapi apart from the competition is its commitment to customer service.

Their ships are the fastest, newest, and most environmentally friendly, allowing them to reach their destination quickly and efficiently. In addition, they have the most experienced and qualified crews in the industry, ensuring a safe and comfortable journey. Most of their crews are born in Ibiza or Formentera and know these waters like the back of their hand.

Unlike other ferry companies that operate on the Ibiza-Formentera route, Trasmapi has not had any notable navigation accidents since its establishment in 1974, and that is further evidence of why, for us, Trasmapi is the benchmark ferry company for the Ibiza-Formentera route. Safety is paramount to them.

When it comes to punctuality, Trasmapi is the most punctual ferry company in the market, so you can be confident that you will always arrive at your destination on time. They also offer a wide variety of schedules and departure frequencies, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your needs.
As the company with the largest number of vessels, they can cover the majority of scheduled departures between the ports of Ibiza and Formentera.

And the best part is that their prices are very competitive, allowing them to offer an excellent value for money. This is even more true when using our online discount code, LIFE, to obtain an extra discount on the final price of the Ibiza-Formentera ferry with Trasmapi.

So, if you want to travel between Ibiza and Formentera quickly, safely, and affordably, don’t hesitate to travel with Trasmapi. Take adavantage of the discount on the Ibiza Formentera ferry. You won’t regret it!

Ibiza Formentera with car


While passenger tickets with Trasmapi have unlimited validity for one year, it’s important to note that booking a ticket for a car on the Ibiza-Formentera ferry (or vice versa) must have a specific date and time.

The Castavi Jet ferry, operated by Trasmapi, is responsible for transporting both passengers and cars and motorcycles.

However, it’s important to consider that the Ibiza-Formentera ferry for cars does not offer the same flexibility in terms of boarding and disembarking times as it does for passengers.

That means once you have purchased your ticket and selected your boarding time and date, you will need to contact the ferry company in advance if you need to make any changes to the original reservation.

Therefore, if you plan to travel on the Ibiza-Formentera ferry with your car, it’s important to ensure that the chosen schedule fits your needs and that you are confident in being able to meet it.

In summary, the Ibiza-Formentera ferry provides a fast and convenient transportation service for traveling between Ibiza and Formentera with your car. However, due to obvious reasons, it doesn’t offer the same flexibility in terms of boarding and disembarking times for vehicles as it does for passengers without vehicles. Therefore, it’s important to keep this in mind when purchasing your tickets and planning your trip.

The discount code LIFE that we can offer you for purchasing tickets with Trasmapi is also valid for reserving a car ticket. Click on the following logo and access the Trasmapi website for the best price and the best ferry company for Ibiza Formentera with a car.

Uno de los aspectos destacables del ferry Castavi Jet para viajar en el ferry Ibiza Formentera en coche, es la facilidad de acceso de los vehículos a la bodega del barco.
La bodega del ferry Castavi Jet está diseñada para facilitar el embarque y desembarque de los vehículos y los pasajeros, y cuenta con rampas y pasillos amplios y cómodos para que los coches puedan acceder de manera rápida y sencilla siguiendo en todo momento las indicaciones de la tripulación encargada de dichas operaciones.

Además, la bodega del ferry Castavi Jet de Trasmapi está equipada con sistemas de sujeción y amarre de alta calidad, para garantizar la seguridad de los vehículos durante el viaje debido a las condiciones de mal tiempo que pudiesen darse en la travesía en el Ferry Ibiza Formentera en coche.

Restrictions on car and motorcycle access to Formentera

It is important to note that vehicle access to the island of Formentera is restricted from June to September. During this period, only a limited number of vehicles, pre-authorized in advance, are allowed access to the island.

The fee to be paid per vehicle per day is currently under discussion for the upcoming tourist season, so it is best to check the daily vehicle price on the same website where access is requested.

In the event that you enter Formentera with your car or motorcycle during the period from June to September without having requested and paid the fee, you risk significant fines.

If you need to bring your car or motorcycle to the island of Formentera during this period, it is important to request the corresponding permit in advance through the website established by the Consell Insular de Formentera www.formentera.eco

It should be noted that rental cars and motorcycles from outside of Formentera are not allowed to access the island and will be fined if found circulating on the island’s roads. Therefore, if you are planning a day trip to Formentera with a rental car from Ibiza, we recommend that you leave it parked in the designated parking area provided in the following link and rent a car or motorcycle to enjoy your day in Formentera.

At Formentera Lifestyle, we can offer you discount codes for car and motorcycle rentals with two companies in Formentera: Proauto Rentacar and Motorent Pujols. These are two reputable companies that we trust, with their offices located in the same port of Formentera for convenient pick-up and drop-off of the vehicles.

Click on the following logos and check out their prices and models of cars or motorcycles that you can rent at a discounted rate by using the promo code LIFE on each company’s official website.

If you decide to travel on the Ibiza Formentera Ferry with your car or motorcycle, and they are your own vehicles, Trasmapi can take care of requesting access on your behalf. You will see the steps to follow during the booking process on their website www.trasmapi.com.

Please note that the access of caravans and motorhomes is prohibited in Formentera at any time of the year, and especially during access control dates. The automatic license plate reading system in Formentera ensures a significant fine for the owner of the caravan or motorhome that violates the access prohibition to the island.

Discount Ibiza Formentera Ferry Tickets: Price

The average price of ferry tickets to access the island of Formentera is usually around 50€ per person for a round trip. This is the average price when purchasing tickets at the port ticket offices. It’s important to note that this price may vary depending on the season in which the trip is taken.

If you’re seeking a cost-effective option, consider the discount ferry Ibiza Formentera. In general, buying ferry tickets at the port ticket offices is often the most expensive and time-consuming option due to the passenger queues that can form at certain times. Our recommendation is to purchase the tickets online on the ferry company’s website, and in this case, we recommend doing so on Trasmapi’s website as they are our trusted ferry company in terms of price, professionalism, and safety.

By using our discount code LIFE, you can enjoy an even greater discount than the regular price offered by Trasmapi.

You will make the purchase on the official website of the ferry company, so the transaction will be established directly between you and the ferry company, without intermediaries or misunderstandings. This ensures a clear and direct relationship, allowing you to have control over your booking and any necessary communication with the ferry company.

The discount applied with our promo code is greater the further in advance you book in relation to your travel dates. As mentioned before, passenger tickets are valid for one year, so you don’t have to worry if you’re not sure about the exact date of your trip.
This flexibility allows you to take advantage of the discount by booking early and then selecting your travel date within the valid period.

Purchase your tickets with Trasmapi well in advance and select approximate dates for your travel. Then, make sure to board the first available ferry from Trasmapi once you arrive at the port in Ibiza or Formentera.

To access the Ibiza Formentera ferry with Trasmapi, simply present the QR code that you will receive in your email confirmation after purchasing your tickets on the official Trasmapi website.

It’s that easy!
No queues, no waiting. Just hop on the first Trasmapi ferry that departs when you arrive at the port in Ibiza or Formentera.

Ibiza Formentera: How long does it take?

The average duration of the ferry crossing from Ibiza to Formentera is usually around 30 minutes. This time can vary depending on the type of ferry used, as well as the weather conditions at sea. In general, most ferries that make this journey are fast and comfortable, allowing you to reach the island in a short time. It’s important to note that during the high season, the duration of the crossing may increase due to increased marine traffic.

If you’re looking for a swift and enjoyable journey, the discount ferry Ibiza Formentera is an excellent choice. The ferry journey from Ibiza to Formentera is a pleasant experience that allows you to enjoy the wonderful views offered by this part of the Mediterranean Sea. Most ferries have upper decks where passengers can sit and enjoy the views during the crossing. From the upper deck, you can have an exceptional view of the walls of Ibiza and the La Marina neighborhood, as well as the Es Botafoch dock where impressive cruise ships dock.

During the approximately 30-minute journey, you will come across numerous yachts and sailboats that also travel the route between Ibiza and Formentera daily. Furthermore, the upper deck is usually equipped with comfortable seating and sunbathing areas, making it an ideal place to relax and enjoy the journey. Overall, the ferry crossing from Ibiza to Formentera is a very pleasant way to enhance your summer vacation experience.

If you're planning to visit Formentera, make sure to check out our discounts and promo codes section beforehand