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Cala en Baster

Cala en Baster is a rocky cove, off the beaten path of the most typical beaches to visit. It’s an ideal spot for snorkeling and enjoying the abundant variety of fish in the area.
The old and abandoned boat sheds, carved into the rocks, give the place a very distinctive appearance.

  • Rock cove
  • Ideal for snorkeling
  • Caves excavated in the wall
  • Ideal with west or south winds
  • No lifeguards
  • No beach services
Cala en Baster Formentera
Cala en Baster Formentera

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Everything you need to know about Cala en Baster

This cove, located on the northeast coast of Formentera, is one of the least frequented by visitors to the island. Being not a sandy beach but rather rocky, the access is not particularly easy, making it a secluded spot to enjoy a refreshing swim with relative tranquility.

Visiting on days with east winds is not recommended, as the waves could become dangerous in such a rocky environment like Cala en Baster. The old fishermen’s huts in this Formentera cove are unique on the island, as they are carved into the sandstone rocks on the eastern side of the cove, giving a very distinctive appearance to this place. Cala en Baster has no services or lifeguard presence, making it an ideal place for snorkeling.


Keep in mind…

It is a cove with very limited space to lay down, which means that the first ones to arrive will find the best spots to place their towel or beach mat.
Many people want to see and take pictures in the caves of Cala en Baster, so if you position yourself near the entrance of any of them, you will have to endure the continuous traffic of people passing by, which can be quite uncomfortable.

If you're planning to visit Formentera, make sure to check out our discounts and promo codes section beforehand

How to get to Cala en Baster

From La Savina, drive along the main road (PM-820) towards La Mola. Leave behind the villages of Sant Francesc and Sant Ferran, and at approximately kilometer 6.5, on the left side, you will see Bar Ses Roques and an asphalt road.

Take that road and continue straight until you reach the first crossroads where, after a group of garbage containers, you have the option to turn left or right. Take the direction to the right and continue straight without deviating from the asphalt road until you reach its end, where you will see the sea with a beautiful view of the cliffs of La Mola on the horizon and Cala en Baster at your feet.

The asphalt road is just that, a road, so due to its narrowness in certain sections, we recommend driving at a moderate speed and being cautious with the side accesses to houses in the area to avoid traffic accidents from driving too fast.


Once you have finished the asphalt road section, you’ll arrive at the only parking area in Cala en Baster. It’s a steep and abrupt space where you must park your car or motorcycle while always respecting and avoiding blocking access to the nearby houses, as well as not causing inconvenience to other vehicles already parked when you arrive.

Since this cove is generally less frequented, there are usually no problems in this regard, and in the worst case, a dirt road beyond the parking area mentioned would provide more options to park your vehicle.

In any case, we reiterate the importance of parking with common sense and empathy towards other beach visitors, especially the residents living in the area.

Always respect the rope that marks the edge of the cliff to prevent any type of accident or rockfall that could endanger the people enjoying Cala en Baster just below.

Snorkeling at Cala en Baster

Thanks to its rocky bottom and waters protected by cliffs, Cala en Baster is one of the ideal places for snorkeling during your vacation in Formentera. You will encounter a wide variety of fish in the hundreds of nooks and crannies hidden along this stretch of the island’s coastline, and it won’t be uncommon to come across a starfish or an octopus trying to blend in with the rocky backdrop that shields it.

If you’re a snorkeling enthusiast and want to practice it during your vacation in Formentera, you must visit Cala en Baster. You won’t regret it.

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Services at Cala en Baster

This cove, less frequented by most visitors to Formentera, does not offer any beach services. Cala en Baster is completely untouched in that regard.

If you plan on spending the day swimming in its waters, you must keep in mind that anything you need will have to be sought in Sant Ferran, which is about 4 kilometers away. You won’t find any bars or restaurants near Cala en Baster, and similarly, don’t expect to be able to rent a sunbed or an umbrella. There are no beach services available.

The same applies when it comes to lifeguards. In the event of an accident in the sea or along the coast, you must call 112, and they will coordinate the necessary response to assist the affected person.
As a final recommendation, if you have water shoes, Cala en Baster is the ideal place to bring them along. Walking on the rocks will be much easier with them.

Fishermen’s Caves in Cala en Baster

One characteristic that makes Cala en Baster unique compared to other coastal areas in Formentera is the existence of caves created many years ago by the local fishermen.

Being made of sandstone in the eastern part of the cliffs, they excavated until they obtained enough space to protect their traditional boats from the storms that often hit Cala en Baster. In any other coastal area, fishermen’s huts were constructed using wood and, whenever possible, they moved the boats away from the rising tides during stormy days.

The limited space between the shore and the cliff made this practice impossible in Cala en Baster. Therefore, they opted for the intelligent solution of creating these small caves. Today, there are no boats using these spaces for shelter, and they mainly serve to provide shade to the visitors and become an ideal place to take photographs and showcase them to your followers on Instagram.