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La Fragata Beach

La Fragata

This stretch of beach in the Migjorn area is named after the restaurant La Fragata, which is located a short distance from the shore and on the rocks.
It is a family-friendly beach with loungers and umbrella rentals, as well as lifeguard.

  • It combines areas of sand and rocks
  • Crystal clear waters
  • Ideal with east and north winds
  • Family-friendly atmosphere
  • Lifeguard service
  • Be aware to currents
Playa de La Fragata, Formentera
Playa La Fragata, Formentera

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Everything you need to know about La Fragata

The beach of La Fragata in Formentera is located very close to Es Arenals, but unlike the latter, the atmosphere is much more relaxed and there are significantly fewer people compared to the neighboring beach.

It is not a continuously linear beach, but rather small sections are formed, divided by rock formations, which offer visitors of La Fragata greater privacy as small sheltered sandy areas are created on the sides.

Access to the beach of La Fragata is very easy, and although not excessively large, it has two parking areas for cars and motorcycles.

This stretch of beach on the Migjorn coast gets its name from the restaurant founded in 1979 and since then managed by the Mayans Molina family.


Please note…

Without being a beach officially designated as nudist, since none of the beaches in Formentera have such a label, and there are no restrictions against this practice, it should be noted that it is common and customary to share the beach with people of all ages and nationalities who enjoy being completely naked.

If you are someone who does not feel comfortable sharing space with people who do not wear swimwear, you will probably feel more at ease at Es Arenals, the neighboring beach.

If you're planning to visit Formentera, make sure to check out our discounts and promo codes section beforehand

How to get to La Fragata, Formentera

To reach La Fragata beach by car, motorcycle, or bicycle from La Savina, follow these directions:

Take the main road (PM-820) and pass the two roundabouts at the entrance to the town of Sant Francesc. Continue in the direction of Sant Ferran, crossing through the town.

From there, continue driving without deviating from the main road in a northerly direction for approximately 5 km, until you almost reach a paved turnoff on the right with a sign indicating Es Arenals beach. At the next intersection, you will see a sign guiding you to the right, indicating La Fragata.

From that point, simply continue along the paved stretch until the end and find a place to park your vehicle without obstructing the traffic for other visitors to this area of the Migjorn coast in Formentera.

If you prefer to use public transportation, you can choose to take bus line 2 from La Savina to Sant Francesc, which then goes to Es Caló de Sant Agustí, with a prior stop at the intersection we mentioned earlier.

However, from that point, you would need to walk approximately 1.3 kilometers before reaching La Fragata beach.

Parking place

The beach area of the Migjorn coast in Formentera known as La Fragata has two distinct parking areas.

Following the directions to La Fragata that you will find on the access road from the main highway, and then taking the right turn located at kilometer 11, you will arrive at the parking area situated on the northern part of the coast. It is a parking space for cars and motorcycles, located right next to the restaurant, and the use of the access road to it, where parking for cars and motorcycles is also permitted.

However, please note that the road is narrow and two-way, so be extremely cautious and, without encroaching on the dune area, park your car close to the curb to facilitate the flow of traffic for other cars and motorcycles accessing La Fragata beach throughout the day.

A second parking area is located on the other side of the restaurant, but the access is more difficult to find as it requires taking an unpaved and unmarked path in the direction of Es Arenals instead of La Fragata.

Eating at La Fragata Formentera

As mentioned earlier, this beach takes its name from the restaurant founded by the Mayans Molina family in 1979. Therefore, the closest option for dining or having dinner at La Fragata beach would be at the restaurant located just a few meters from the shoreline. With an elevated location overlooking the beach, it offers breathtaking views of the range of blue hues that Migjorn offers on calm days.

Similarly, not far from La Fragata beach in Migjorn, we have the kiosk located at the northern end of Arenals beach, where you can also choose to have a meal or drink. However, the menu at the kiosk is much less extensive and elaborate compared to the traditional restaurant at La Fragata in Formentera.

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When to choose La Fragata

Like other sections of the Migjorn coast, La Fragata beach showcases its best features with any wind direction except when the south wind blows. This wind creates large waves and usually results in the placement of a red flag by the lifeguards, indicating a swimming prohibition.

On the other hand, with any other wind direction, La Fragata transforms into a beautiful beach with turquoise waters and an idyllic view of the sea in Formentera.

La Fragata beach in Formentera does not have lifeguard surveillance throughout its entire length. Therefore, on days with big waves and a red flag, the signage prohibiting swimming for safety reasons may not be obvious to all beachgoers. If you decide to venture into the sea to enjoy the waves, something that residents of Formentera, especially children and young people, often do, we recommend that you not underestimate the strength of the ocean and avoid compromising your safety.

Playing in the waves is fun, yes, but it can become a tragic game in the event of an unexpected accident on this or any of the beautiful beaches in Formentera.

La Fragata Restaurant

Formentera Lifestyle would like to give a special mention to La Fragata restaurant, which lends its name to this stretch of Migjorn coast in Formentera.

There are fewer and fewer restaurants that maintain the ownership, culinary style, and service that it had when it was founded in 1979 by the Mayans Molina family. Adapting to the needs and demands of different types of visitors and tourists while maintaining the spirit of service and quality of the products offered to their customers, for us, La Fragata restaurant is one of the places to visit and try any of the delicious dishes on their extensive and delightful menu.

We appreciate the preservation of businesses in Formentera that we have known since childhood, and we hope that La Fragata restaurant continues to thrive for many more years.

Restaurante La Fragata Formentera

If you're planning to visit Formentera, make sure to check out our discounts and promo codes section beforehand