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Real Playa Formentera

Real Playa

Real Playa Beach is a long and wide stretch of coastline in the central area of Migjorn. It gets its name from the restaurant located right by the beach.
You can access the sandy beach by walking on the wooden boardwalk that runs parallel to the shore.

  • Wide and long sandy beach
  • Very tranquil area
  • Loungers and umbrella rentals available
  • Beachfront restaurant
  • Family-friendly atmosphere
  • Wooden boardwalk parallel to the sea
Real Playa Formentera
Real Playa Formentera

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Everything you need to know about Real Playa

The stretch of coastline known as Real Playa beach in Formentera is located in the central part of the Migjorn coast. It is quite wide and has the dune system protected behind it. It is a family-friendly and tranquil beach, with a wooden boardwalk that facilitates access and a parallel walk along the shore.

On the beach, there are different services for renting sun loungers and umbrellas. Additionally, they are obligated to have a certified lifeguard hired to attend to any emergency situations in the area. In the northern part of the beach, you will find the restaurant that gives its name to the area, Real Playa.

And at the southern end of the beach, there is a beach kiosk. These are the two options for dining or having a drink during your relaxing day in this area of the Migjorn coast in Formentera.

Real Playa Formentera

Please note…

The section of Migjorn known as Real Playa in Formentera specifically refers to the beach closest to the restaurant. However, the truth is that the area can be extended to the east until reaching the location of the beach kiosk. Therefore, we are talking about an approximate stretch of about 700 meters of sand, with some rocky areas, and various access points to the beach from the wooden boardwalk situated above the dune area, precisely to protect it from people walking on it.

If you're planning to visit Formentera, make sure to check out our discounts and promo codes section beforehand

How to get to Real Playa

The access road to the area known as Real Playa beach in Migjorn, Formentera, can be found at kilometer 7.1 of the main road (PM-820) on the right side when driving towards La Mola.

A large sign at the entrance of the road announces the presence of the restaurant, and you simply need to follow it without deviating at any moment until you reach the seashore. It is a wide road in good condition, but that should not be a reason for you to drive too fast, as it raises more dust, affecting the local residents, endangering pedestrians and cyclists, and damaging the road’s condition.

As with the rest of the roads in Formentera, please take it easy. Remember that you are on vacation and that rushing and driving fast should not be part of your daily routine during your stay in Formentera. Be mindful and respectful of the environment, even when driving on the dusty roads of Formentera.

Parking at Real Playa

Upon reaching the end of the road, you will find several designated parking areas for cars, motorcycles, and bicycles. In many cases, these parking areas take advantage of the shade provided by the pine trees in the area. This is greatly appreciated when returning from the beach to find the interior of your vehicle at a bearable temperature.

If all the designated parking areas are already occupied upon arrival, you can park on the side of the road. However, always make sure not to block access to any residences or areas belonging to the beachfront restaurant.

Regardless of where you park your car or motorcycle, the distance to the beach will be minimal, and you will only take a few minutes to lay down on the sand and enjoy the Real Playa area on the Migjorn coast in Formentera.

Eating at Real Playa Beach

The most obvious option is to dine at the beachfront restaurant that gives its name to the beach, Restaurante Real Playa. It offers traditional island cuisine and has been founded and run by the Mayans Marquez family since 1982. You can expect quality and excellent service in all their specialties.

Alternatively, you can choose the beach kiosk located at the opposite end of the beach, towards the east. There, you can select from a menu of beverages and dishes that are different from those offered at the restaurant.
It’s up to you to choose what appeals to you the most on the day you decide to spend your day enjoying the sun and sea in the Real Playa beach area.

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This stretch of coast has up to 3 concessions for the rental of sun loungers and umbrellas. Two of these concessions are located in front of the restaurant, and the third one is situated around the kiosk at the eastern end of the area known as Real Playa.

The holders of these concessions are also required to have a certified lifeguard who is responsible for attending to any type of emergency that may occur in the sea or on the beach, both for the clients using the sun loungers and umbrellas and for those who choose to lay on their towels in the sand.

The kiosk, as well as any other kiosk on the beaches of Formentera, is an administrative concession that is put out to administrative tender every few years, which means that the ownership and management of each kiosk may vary. However, they are obligated to provide bathrooms that are for public use and not exclusive to the kiosk’s customers.

Nudism at Real Playa

This entire stretch of Migjorn’s coastline has always been very popular among people who enjoy practicing nudism on the beaches of Formentera. Being such a long stretch of beach that generally doesn’t attract too many people, it offers the privacy to enjoy the sun, sand, and sea of Formentera without wearing swimwear.

As we have mentioned in different sections of the website, Formentera does not classify any specific beach as nudist, and practicing nudism is not prohibited on any of its beaches. However, it is true that there are beaches that are more suitable for this practice.

In any case, we emphasize that bathing naked or with swimwear are both valid and respectable options. So, if you share your beach space with someone wearing swimwear, do not criticize them for it… and likewise, do not criticize someone who is completely nude in the area of Real Playa in Formentera.

Real Playa Formentera

If you're planning to visit Formentera, make sure to check out our discounts and promo codes section beforehand