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La Savina Formentera

La Savina

The village that welcomes all visitors to the island is called La Savina. It’s also the sole point of entry and exit in Formentera.
Life in this village revolves around the moorings of commercial and leisure boats, as well as its seaside promenade.

  • Village and Port of Formentera
  • Seaside promenade
  • Daily artisan market
  • Bars, restaurants, and shops
  • Boat rentals
  • Water sports companies
La Savina, Formentera
La Savina Formentera

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Everything you need to know about La Savina

In addition to being the entry and exit port of Formentera, La Savina is a village with bustling activity of people and commerce at any time of the day.

The passenger traffic, boat rentals, restaurants, shops, and its market make La Savina a reference point for those spending their holidays in Formentera.

Due to its geographical location, La Savina is very close to the beaches that make up the Ses Salines Natural Park, and reaching any of them will take you just a few minutes.

La Savina Formentera

If you’re planning to go diving with trustworthy and professional companies, or if you’re looking to rent a boat for a day of sea enjoyment during your time in Formentera, you’ll undoubtedly find these services and many more in La Savina.


Keep in mind…

The village of La Savina offers Formentera’s visitors much more than just the possibility to enter and exit the island through one of the many ferries connecting it with Ibiza and Denia. You’ll notice that the range of shops, services, bars, and restaurants is extensive and diverse, which means that taking an evening stroll while enjoying the sunset from the breakwater or any of the terraces facing the sea will turn into a beautiful memory of your vacation in Formentera.

If you're planning to visit Formentera, make sure to check out our discounts and promo codes section beforehand

Port of Formentera, La Savina

As mentioned earlier, La Savina is the sole port on the island of Formentera, and it’s where the ferries arrive that connect the island with Denia and Ibiza.

The frequency of boats and schedules depends on the time of year you plan to visit the island and the port of origin from which you intend to depart.

During the summer months, departures between the ports of Ibiza and Formentera, and vice versa, are nearly constant among the various companies that provide the service, and in most cases, the journey takes about 30 minutes.

Among the companies connecting Ibiza and Formentera, Formentera Lifestyle recommends Trasmapi for its proven reliability and excellent service provided to year-round residents of Formentera. Since its founding in 1974, Trasmapi has always had the finest ships and the most skilled crews, which is why we recommend it above other ferry operators.

Furthermore, we can provide you with the LIFE Discount Code that you can use on the official Trasmapi website, www.trasmapi.com, to receive a discount of up to 19% on the price of your ferry tickets between Ibiza and Formentera.

Upon disembarking from the ferry that brought you to La Savina, you’ll find various rental car, motorcycle, and bicycle companies’ offices, as well as a taxi stand and a bus stop. These options will enable you to travel from the Port of Formentera to virtually any point on the island.

Renting a Car or Scooter in La Savina

As you step onto the port of La Savina in Formentera, you’ll notice several rental offices for cars, scooters, and bicycles. Often, their employees will approach potential customers even before they reach the office doors.

Our recommendation, to avoid such situations and also secure a better price for renting your car or motorcycle in Formentera, is to make your reservation online beforehand. This will save you time as your chosen vehicle will be waiting for you and you’ll likely get a better price compared to booking at the port.

From Formentera Lifestyle, we recommend two of the leading car and scooter rental companies: Proauto Rentacar and Motorent Pujols. Both companies have pickup and drop-off offices at the Port of La Savina, and they also have the most widespread presence across the rest of the island. This can be particularly helpful if you need their assistance in a location away from the port.

Furthermore, on each company’s website, we can provide you with the Discount Code LIFE , allowing you to receive a discount of up to 17% when booking your car or motorcycle on the official website of each respective company. For Motorent Pujols, visit www.motorentpujols.com, and for Proauto Rentacar, visit www.proautorentacar.com.

Parking in La Savina

All streets in La Savina, whether those within the port area managed by the Port Authority or those in the urban center and residential zone, are regulated by the Blue Zone system, where you’ll need to pay based on the parking time, or even by the Green Zone system, which only allows vehicles registered to La Savina residents to park.

There are also spaces with a maximum parking time of 15 minutes. These spots are free, but you’ll need to obtain a ticket by entering your car’s license plate at one of the dispenser posts located on the same street.

Pay attention to the color and instructions of the parking space where you intend to park your car to avoid any potential fines. Similarly, there are designated spaces for motorcycle parking, which are free in this case.

La Savina also provides free parking for those who wish to leave their vehicles parked for up to a maximum of 5 days. You’ll find it about 700 meters from the port, and you can find the exact location by clicking here.

If you're planning to visit Formentera, make sure to check out our discounts and promo codes section beforehand

Staying in La Savina

La Savina and its port area offer several hotels of various categories, as well as a hostel and various apartment complexes, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your budget and needs.

Staying in La Savina is an ideal option for those who don’t intend to rent a car or motorcycle to explore the island on their own and prefer to rely on public transportation, whether by bus or taxi. Both have stops in the ferry arrival area.

The wide range of bars, restaurants, and shops in the marina area gives La Savina and its accommodations a vibrant and lively atmosphere for guests who choose this village in Formentera as their base to stay and enjoy incredible sunsets from the breakwater on the western side, with the majestic silhouettes of the islets Es Vedrà and Es Vedranell, next to the neighboring Ibiza.

La Savina Formentera

Eating at La Savina

The array of bars, restaurants, and cafés is extensive and offers establishments of all kinds.

From diverse and satisfying breakfasts that will captivate any Instagrammer and their followers, to traditional cuisine restaurants, to options for creative and fusion cooking, not forgetting delightful ice creams and freshly squeezed natural fruit juices to meet all needs for those who decide to dine in La Savina.

Many of these establishments, the majority, only operate during the summer season, which lasts from May to October, and after that period, the number of those that remain open decreases significantly. Nevertheless, La Savina always has bars and cafés to cater to the local population, fishermen, and users of sports boats that dock in its port throughout the year.

Restaurante en La Savina Formentera
Alquilar barco La Savina Formentera

Renting a Boat in La Savina

One of the experiences that gains more enthusiasts each year is renting a boat to explore the coast of Formentera. In the marina area of La Savina, you’ll find several companies offering boats of different sizes with engines of varying power.

It’s important to know that some of them require a valid boating license and accredited experience to rent them without a skipper. Conversely, there are smaller boats like Zodiacs with lower-powered engines that you can rent without any specific license.

Among the various boat rental companies you’ll find in the port of La Savina in Formentera, Formentera Lifestyle recommends Experience Sea.

They offer boats of various lengths and motorizations, both for rental with a skipper and for rental without the need for one. This is a company we trust completely, and we’ve been collaborating with them for years, often going sailing ourselves whenever we have the opportunity.

You can send them a WhatsApp message (by clicking here) to clarify any doubts you may have, discuss prices, dates, the number of passengers, the type of boat, and because you’ve reached out through our website, you’ll receive a 5% discount on the regular rental fee.

Diving Centers in Formentera

If you want to uncover the secrets held by the turquoise waters of Formentera and not just stay on the surface, you’ll need to turn to one of the diving centers scattered along the coastline.

In La Savina, two of the most renowned diving centers in Formentera can be found. With their equipment, facilities, boats, experience, and quality of instructors, you’ll be in the best hands whether you decide to take a scuba diving excursion or go snorkeling.

From Formentera Lifestyle, if we had to choose, we recommend the center located at the western end of the promenade, Formentera Divers. Run by locals with years of experience in conducting dives tailored to the customer’s skill level, whether it’s first-time experiences with scuba diving (referred to as baptisms) or starting the PADI Open Water course if you’re determined to make the most of your vacation in Formentera.

Centro de Buceo La Savina Formentera

Get in touch with Formentera Divers by sending them a WhatsApp message (by clicking here), and they will provide you with a discount on the regular price of the activity you wish to book.

Patron Saint Festivities in La Savina

As a village deeply rooted in the traditions of fishermen and sailors, La Savina celebrates its festivities in honor of the Virgin of Carmen, the patron saint of those who make their living from the sea. Every 16th of July, a series of activities for both children and adults take place, where the sea, music, and traditions form the foundation of the celebration’s program.

To avoid the hottest hours of the day, the event program begins in the afternoon with games for the little ones and a sampling of traditional sweets. Starting at 7:00 PM, the traditional maritime procession commences. During this procession, an image of the Virgin of Carmen, carried by professional fishermen of La Savina, is placed aboard one of the two trawlers based in the Port of Formentera.

Fiestas del Carmen en La Savina Formentera
Fiestas del Carmen en La Savina Formentera

Although the number of people allowed on board is limited, if you’re fortunate, you might have the chance to join hundreds of boats and sail alongside the waters of La Savina. Here, a floral offering is made in memory of all those who have passed away at sea.

Likewise, a procession of dozens of vessels follows and accompanies the Virgin. They pass by her to receive a blessing from the parish priest of the Sant Francesc church. After the maritime procession concludes, the priest holds an open-air mass on the same pier of the Port of La Savina.

From 10:00 PM until the early hours of the morning, various local groups will provide the musical backdrop for the festivities in the village of La Savina in Formentera. This allows you to dance and sing, celebrating this emotional summer day in the village of La Savina, Formentera.

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Shopping in La Savina

La Savina offers its visitors a wide array of clothing and accessory stores, along with souvenir shops and a daily market that adds a burst of color to the seaside promenade during the summer season. This market is situated closest to the docking area for larger yachts.

A particularly enjoyable stroll is during sunset, when the heat is more bearable and you’re in the mood to browse through the shops and stalls set up by vendors who contribute to the summer ambiance of La Savina in the Port of Formentera.

A special mention goes to a store and an artist whom we adore and admire at Formentera Lifestyle. Born in Argentina but a citizen of the world, she settled in Formentera many years ago, and her decoration pieces made from recycled materials have traveled to countless places around the world from our tiny island.

We’re referring to the store of Sol Courregues Boné, located at the western end of the seaside promenade. Her angel wings are particularly famous; they’re crafted from dozens of plastic cutouts, using milk bottle containers that would otherwise have ended up in the trash or, in the best-case scenario, the recycling process.

Like many other daily visitors to La Savina, you won’t hesitate to take a photo with this recycled work of art. Be sure to step inside her store; you might even find yourself taking a piece or two from her collection to decorate your home with the style and spirit of Formentera.

Estany des Peix, La Savina Formentera

Estany des Peix

One of the attractions that La Savina boasts is the saltwater lagoon of S’Estany des Peix, located on the southwest side of the village and connected to the open sea through an opening of no more than 15 meters in width and very shallow depth. This configuration creates a watery environment with highly distinctive characteristics.

Here, you’ll find a tranquil expanse of water where you can take a swim, enjoy the facilities of the Formentera Nautical Center – the birthplace of prominent windsurfers on both the national and international levels – and relish in fantastic sunsets due to its westward orientation.

Furthermore, the presence of numerous aquatic birds makes Estany des Peix an ideal location for ornithology enthusiasts.

If you're planning to visit Formentera, make sure to check out our discounts and promo codes section beforehand


The services available in La Savina, Formentera, are primarily linked to the summer tourist offerings and the nautical sector, given the village’s strong connection to the marina.

As we’ve mentioned several times on this website, Formentera only has four pharmacies, and despite the volume of traffic and residents, none of them are located in the Port of Formentera. The nearest one can be found in Sant Francesc, and if you’re in need during nighttime hours and require urgent assistance, you’ll need to find out which one is on duty.

However, La Savina does have a private medical center on the way to Illetes Beach. Additionally, it’s home to one of the island’s two veterinary clinics. So, if you’re traveling with your pet and both of you need professional medical attention, you can find the medical care you’re looking for in La Savina.

La Savina Formentera
Cavall den Borras Beach - Formentera

Nearby beaches to La Savina

Due to its geographical location, La Savina is situated very close to the beaches of the Ses Salines Natural Park, and reaching Illetes, Levante, or Cavall den Borràs is a matter of minutes. Many people walk from the port to these beaches, but we must advise that during the summer months, especially when the sun is high, it’s recommended to wear a hat, apply sunscreen beforehand, and drink plenty of water to avoid heatstroke during the journey.

On the other hand, it’s worth noting that Cala Saona Beach is about 7 kilometers away, and the southern stretches of Migjorn Beach, such as Ca Marí or Real Playa, are approximately 8 kilometers away.

From La Savina and using the bus service, you can reach virtually any beach in Formentera. Visit the website Busformentera.com to check schedules and frequencies as they vary depending on the time of year.

La Savina Formentera

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